Stuck for PCOS Gift Ideas?

If you’re stuck for last minute gift ideas for a friend or loved one with PCOS, here are some that are specific to helping particular symptoms of PCOS or are designed to help raise awareness. However, just because someone has PCOS does not mean they want aspects of it highlighted in a gift. Use your best judgement as to what is appropriate as a PCOS gift and will avoid offence (based on your conversations and specific relationship).

PCOS Awareness Jewelry

There is some beautiful jewelry available that helps raise awareness of PCOS. The color that is used to specify PCOS tends to be teal. You will usually see an awareness ribbon and sometimes a butterfly..

For example, Etsy is a really good place to find custom made, unique jewelry. Some of my favorites include:

PCOS Fertility Bracelet

PCOS Fertility Bracelet
PCOS Awareness Bracelet and Quote

PCOS gift
PCOS Awareness Charm Bracelet

PCOS Charm Bracelet
Teal and Silver Necklace

teal and silver necklace

I also found this lovely Abundance Fertility Bracelet on, which features gemstones that promote various aspects of health specific to PCOS and fertility.

Abundance Bracelets
Check with the seller to make sure you can still get items in time for Christmas.


PCOS Gift: Hair Removal

Tread very carefully with this one. This is a gift only a close friend should buy for a PCOS sufferer and even then only if you’ve had conversations about it.

Excess hair can be a real issue for women with PCOS and the only way to truly combat it long term is with IPL or Laser Hair removal. This can make big difference to a sufferer’s self-esteem. The downside is that it’s expensive, regardless of whether you go for the home option or a salon/spa.

After much research I bought the Philips Lumea Prestige SC2008/11 IPL Hair Removal System for Face, Body and Bikini (UK Amazon) based on the reviews, the number of light pulses it will emit in its lifetime and the fact that it has a specific facial attachment. I’m not sure if this model is even available outside the UK, and since buying mine I have noticed many more IPL machines on the market. So, do your research before you buy and make sure it’s suitable for use on the face. After around 6 treatments the hair has thinned out and grows more slowly, which I consider a win.

Salon Solutions

A course of laser hair removal or IPL hair removal in a salon can be very expensive. Bear in mind again that reputable salons will not promise permanent hair removal with IPL, even if these treatments can produce great results.

My advice to any husband/boyfriend/friend who wants to help out someone in affording this treatment is to buy a salon voucher. This is better than specifically paying for hair removal treatment or a home device (unless they’ve asked for them). No woman with PCOS wants to believe their partner/friend sees them as a hairy monster! This definitely falls into the category of presents you don’t want to buy a loved one at Christmas or for their birthday without a specific request (along with a vacuum cleaner or an ironing board)!

However, few women will turn their nose up at a chance to pamper themselves. So, find a good salon/spa that includes IPL or Laser hair removal in their treatments and buy a gift certificate. You could even buy some of their pamper products to include with the certificate for a present you can wrap and put under the tree. That way, if the recipient wants to use the gift for hair removal they can but, as far as they know, you simply want to pamper them and treat them to some gorgeous spa treatments.

PCOS Nutrition

One of the best ways to help with PCOS symptoms is to get the right nutrition, especially if the woman is trying to lose weight and/or conceive. Unfortunately, it can also be extremely expensive to get the right balance of herbs and supplements. For many years I have – and still do – recommended Insulite for the value and the support they offer. But this can be beyond the financial reach of some women (outside the US, the shipping and import costs bump that up even more). So, a subscription to the Insulite system could be one of the most valuable presents you can give.

This falls into the above category of being a potentially offensive present. I would only advise you give this if you have had conversations about this issue and the costs involved and you know the person receiving it will accept it appreciatively and without offense.

In fact, that goes for most gifts for women. Some may be over the moon with a gym membership while others will want to strangle you! So, my overall advice would be, if you want to buy something for a woman with PCOS avoid things that may cause her distress or set her back. Sweets, chocolates, even clothes fall into this category (if she is struggling with weight loss). Stick to anything that makes her feel pampered, loved and like the goddess she is.


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