Welcome to 2012 and a Healthier You

2012 pcos dietHappy New Year and a special welcome to all of you who have committed to making this the year you make changes in your life to help kick your PCOS in the butt!

What is this PCOS Diet?

Many of you are asking me what this PCOS diet is, and I thought it would also be useful to tell you what it isn’t:

  • It isn’t a specific step-by-step diet that everyone should follow. Personally I’m starting off by doing the Insulite way, but some of you may choose to follow a specific Low-GI diet, Weightwatchers, Slimming World or similar. You need to know there is no specific diet that will work for all (no matter what the diet “gurus” tell you). The most important thing is to commit to starting “something” and then adapting as you go along
  • It isn’t a miracle diet that will make the weight miraculously disappear, along with your PCOS symptoms. It’s important to realize there are no miracle diets and that jumping from one diet to another is not going to help you.
  • It isn’t an all or nothing diet. If you enter this thinking the moment you make a mistake that you’ve failed, then you will give up quickly. Gradual changes are more important and will last longer.
  • It isn’t a fad diet that will help you lose weight in a matter of months so you can return to unhealthy living choices.
  • It isn’t an opportunity to beat yourself up all the time about failing, or to feel deprived. These kinds of thought processes are as unhealthy as some of the foods we put in our bodies.

So what IS this PCOS Diet?

  1. It’s a long term commitment to eating healthily, taking any necessary supplements, exercising, and getting yourself mentally in a good place.
  2. It’s a gradual process to change your unhealthy habits into healthy ones and maintain them for life.
  3. It’s about eating wholesome, natural foods and a well-balanced diet that provides your body with every it requires, while removing toxins, processed foods and stimulants.
  4. It’s about discovering what’s best for your body and your PCOS and integrating those changes into your lifestyle.

If you’re not sure where to start then I suggest you explore the Low GI route – there are some useful resources on this page that can help – and find a way to integrate it into your lifestyle. You can also read here about why Low GI is one of the best long-term solutions for eating with PCOS.

Find options for low GI meals you can eat for breakfast, snacks, lunch and dinner that you will enjoy, and this week start to integrate them into your life. Next time you’re at the supermarket start to make sensible food choices, and if you have a family find ways to include them in it. This is a healthy lifestyle change that will benefit everybody, whether they have PCOS or not.


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