My Top 5 Favorite Low GI Snacks

low gi snacksI want to start adding some of my favorite recipes to the PCOS Matters blog. “Recipes” is a fairly loose term in this post as these are some of my favorite Low GI snacks. They require little preparation; most of them can be eaten in their raw form.

My Top 5 Favorite Low GI Snacks

  1. Organic almond or cashew butter on wholewheat pita (Pumpernickel bread/sourdough rye or wholewheat bread also work)
  2. Hummus and crudites such as carrot sticks, celery sticks, red bell peppers, cauliflower or broccoli florets (although these now give me a bad stomach so you might need to test your sensitivity to raw cruciferous vegetables with a small amount)
  3. Handful of cherries or plums or strawberries. Whatever is in season. An apple, pear or orange is also a good snack
  4. Nuts – I prefer cashews or almond but walnuts and peanuts are also good choices (the non-honey roasted variety). Avoid the salted kind as much as possible. Too much sodium is bad for you and you probably get enough of it in your daily diet.
  5. Bean and Chickpea salad – mix chickpeas (canned in water) with butter beans, kidney beans, haricot/navy beans and some lentils and carry a small pot around with you to satisfy hunger cravings. For more flavor, mix with a little salsa or make your own dressing or vinaigrette (garlic, olive oil, red wine vinegar, and lemon juice are all low GI)

Other Low GI Snack Choices

Couscous is in the medium GI range but a portion has a low GI Load (Not sure what this is? See Low GI Diet Plan Guidelines). So, make sure it’s a small portion. Mix with low GI vegetables to help keep the balance.

If you absolutely feel you can’t live without chocolate then choose a good plain, dark chocolate (70% cocoa solids or more). It may not taste the same but that’s because it has a lot less sugar than milk chocolate. You will feel satisfied with 2 or 3 squares, compared to a whole chocolate bar. Dark chocolate is packed with antioxidants, is rich in minerals and it stimulates endorphins to boost your mood.

Do not try to substitute a fruit juice or soft drink as these are usually high GI. You could have tomato juice or an unsweetened apple juice.

I’d love to hear what your favorite low GI snack choices are. Share below or visit the PCOS Diet Facebook page.


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