Losing Weight with PCOS: An Update

losing weight with PCOSMany of you have been interested in finding out whether I have been losing weight with PCOS. It’s been about 18 months since I kicked it off and I’ve been pretty quiet during a lot of that time.

Losing Weight with PCOS: An Update

Firstly, apologies for my lack of posting. I won’t go into details but I’ve been dealing with family, work, money and health issues (not just PCOS). I haven’t found much time or inclination to post on the blogs or Facebook. The past couple of years have been reflective of those times in our lives where everything happens at once. It can really change the way your life is going.

However, the one thing I can say is that I’ve stayed pretty committed to my PCOS diet. Naturally, there have been many occasions when I’ve reached for comfort food or simply ignored the healthier options. But, in general, I have managed to stay motivated even when there have been weeks and weeks without weight loss.

My Weightloss

When I first posted on Facebook that I was going to be attempting to follow a good PCOS diet/lifestyle I weighed in at 19 stone 1lb. For those of you who don’t “do” stones, that’s 267 lbs. This was actually after I had lost a few pounds already. After this I lost a little bit of weight but then lost my momentum. I had a death in my immediate family and it was all I could do to get up in the morning and function. I pretty much ignored a sensible Low GI eating plan and ate erratically for months, but the one thing I did do was continue to take my Insulite supplements. As a result, I lost about 7lbs in 6 months without any other changes.

Then I decided I had to get serious again and midway through 2012 I started to change my eating habits to healthy, low GI options. The weight wasn’t disappearing so I signed up to WeightWatchers and downloaded their iPad app. Honestly, I got a special 3 month trial but didn’t expect much to come of it. However, I discovered that the simple act of tracking my food made a huge difference. Since starting to use the app I am now down to 243 lbs. A total of 24 lbs.

Should You Follow WeightWatchers?

The first thing I will say is the thing I have liked about using the WeightWatchers programme and app is the process of tracking my food and drink. It offers a really simple way of knowing how I’m doing each day/week. WeightWatchers follows a point system and has a lot of foods listed in their database. Plus, the app enables you to easily work out the points for a food you can’t find.

However, there has had to be some experimenting along the way.

WeightWatchers gives you a daily points allowance plus extra points you can use over the week. You could actually eat donuts every day and, as long as you stay within your points, you could follow their plan.

That’s a little unfair, as they encourage healthier eating with plenty of fruit and veg, and a balanced diet. I discovered that the healthier my eating and the more closely I stuck to “good” Low GI carbs, the more likely I was to lose weight. I also discovered that using all my weekly points as well as my daily points usually resulted in zero weight loss.

There are other tracking options available so don’t feel you need to sign up for WeightWatchers. My sister recommended the myfitnesspal app, which is a calorie counter and diet tracker. The main point is to track what you’re eating and then tweak what you are doing to see the best results.

How Do I Feel?

Many of you will be disappointed that I have only lost 24lbs in 18 months, but for me this is a major breakthrough. Not only did I manage to lose a significant amount of weight but I have kept it off over a long period of time. This time has included some major emotional and health upheavals and I’ve made many mistakes.

Funnily enough, nobody has really noticed the weight loss but I still don’t feel disheartened. The majority of the weight must have gone from my lower half because I have gone from a UK size 24/26 to a definite 22. My upper half has only gone from a 28 to a large 26/small 28 (it wavers between 26 and 28). I’m a classic apple shape and I always lose weight from my legs and bum first and my bust and tummy last. My face hasn’t changed much either. But I’m certain a little more weight loss and people will really start to notice it.

I would also recommend you keep up with your PCOS supplements to aid the PCOS symptoms and weight loss.

My big challenge, now that I am better with my eating habits, is finding consistency and adding more exercise.

How are you doing?


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