Further PCOS Diet Plan Guidelines

pcos diet planIn the previous post, we looked at the main components of the Low GI diet. In this post, I offer some further guidelines for a healthy PCOS diet plan. These are not essential to a low GI diet but I would still suggest you try to follow them (for the reasons given).

PCOS Diet Plan Recommendations:

Avoid processed foods:

Processed foods are packed full of excess salt, sugar and toxins, in the form of colorings, flavorings and preservatives. While it’s hard to avoid eating some processed foods, especially when you want a convenient option, eating a lot of them (even when they are branded “healthy”) will add unnecessary toxins to your body and disrupt things like hormone balance. I know it’s time consuming but try to prepare as many meals for yourself as possible. You can always cook batches of your favorite meals (soups, curries, chili, stew) and freeze them for convenience.

Eat Organic:

Wherever possible, try to eat organic, especially fruit and vegetables. Organic vegetables tend to have a higher nutrient content and fewer toxins, plus the flavors are so much better. Intense farming has stripped the nutritional content and flavor out of many foods. It can be expensive to eat organic, so at least try to stick to these Top 10 Foods to Eat Organically. These foods are treated with more pesticides or absorb them more easily.

Eat Local:

Most supermarkets stock fruit and vegetables that have been shipped from a great distance. They may seem fresh but some of them will have been sitting around for days or even weeks. The nutritional content will gradually deplete over time. If you can buy local seasonal produce you have a better chance of it being vitamin-rich still. This should be easier to do with the increased popularity in farmers’ markets. If you can manage organic and local, that’s even better.

Avoid Coffee and other Caffeinated Drinks:

Let me begin by saying: “My name’s Lisa and I’m a coffee addict”. This is one of the hardest things for me to do and, although I’ve given up coffee in the past, I usually find my way back to it. However, caffeine increases insulin levels, reduces nutrient absorption and may lower fertility rates.

Drink Plenty of Water:

I’ve already written about the benefits of drinking water including flushing out toxins, improving nutrient delivery and aiding weight loss. If you know you don’t drink enough water then make a commitment to increase your intake. Also, consider the benefits of drinking hot water and lemon to start your day.


Not only is exercise important to your general wellbeing and weight loss but it has been proven to help regulate hormone and insulin levels. Get moving on a regular basis!

What aspects of your diet plan do you think are the most important? Are they in this list? Please share your own guidelines below or on Facebook

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