Benefits of Drinking Hot Water and Lemon

One of the aspects of the 30 Day Detox (and beyond the detox) is drink hot water with lemon and lime every day before eating or drinking anything else. In fact, this is a feature of many diets. So, what are the benefits of drinking hot water and lemon?

benefits of drinking hot water and lemonYou might imagine that lemon juice in water would be highly acidic but actually the lemon (and/or lime) raises the alkalinity of your body.

Why do you want your body to stay alkaline?

An acidic environment can play havoc with your digestive system, reduce your body’s ability to store energy, damage free radicals, cause allergies, raise your cholesterol and blood pressure, inhibit the metabolism of fats….the list goes on and on.

Drinking hot water and lemon flushes your body of toxins and enables the body to work more effectively and be healthier. It cleanses and stimulates the liver and kidneys and eases digestive problems.

The benefits of drinking hot water and lemon to start your day are numerous. Lemon and/or lime both work in the same way (I personally prefer the taste of lime). Make sure you use warm water (not too hot or cold as these will make your body work harder) and then continue to drink it during the day for a healthier body.

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