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My Turmeric and Ginger Tea Recipe

turmeric and ginger tea with cinnamon

In 3 Common Spices that Reduce Inflammation, I highlighted some of the benefits of both Turmeric and Ginger for fighting inflammation and more. Turmeric, especially, seems to be the latest superfood due to it’s anti-inflammatory, anti-oxidant, brain-boosting properties. You can easily add turmeric, both fresh and ground, to your cooking but one of my favorite…

3 Common Spices that Reduce Inflammation

spices that reduce inflammation

As mentioned in my previous article on PCOS and Inflammation, chronic inflammation is something that you should be concerned about in terms of your PCOS. It’s being researched as a possible cause of PCOS (and definitely an effect of it) as well as causing insulin resistance. One way to help reduce inflammation is to avoid…

DIY Healthy Crockpot Vegetable Stew Recipe

crockpot vegetable stew recipe

In my last blog post (Healthy Crockpot Dinners), I praised the wonder that is the crockpot or slow cooker for healthy, cost-effective meals. I wanted to include a healthy vegetable stew recipe but, rather than give you exact ingredients, I thought I would give you a basis for your recipe and offer lots of ideas…

Healthy Crockpot Dinners – the Perfect Winter Antidote

healthy crockpot dinners

Last weekend, I visited my sister at her new home. As I walked into the kitchen, I was hit with the wonderful smell of a rich beef stew cooking in the crockpot (or slow cooker as we call them in the UK). I had almost forgotten about this simple pleasure (due to traveling a lot)….

“PCOS Diet for the Newly Diagnosed” Review

PCOS for the Newly Diagnosed

If you follow PCOS Matters on Facebook you will have seen me mention a new-ish book that has been released called “PCOS Diet for the Newly Diagnosed – Your All-In-One Guide to Eliminating PCOS Symptoms with the Insulin Resistance Diet” by Tara Spencer. As promised, I read it and here is my video review of…

Low GI Pancake Recipe

A few weeks ago I shared a video on the Your PCOS Diet Facebook page from Tasty at Buzz Feed, which showed how to make nutritious pancakes. All 4 recipes are relatively Low-GI (as long as you’re careful with your choice of topping) and are a great idea if you crave pancakes. I love pancakes…

My Top 5 Favorite Low GI Snacks

low gi snacks

I want to start adding some of my favorite recipes to the PCOS Matters blog. “Recipes” is a fairly loose term in this post as these are some of my favorite Low GI snacks. They require little preparation; most of them can be eaten in their raw form. My Top 5 Favorite Low GI Snacks…

Losing Weight with PCOS: An Update

pcos diet 2013

Many of you have been interested in finding out whether I have been losing weight with PCOS. It’s been about 18 months since I kicked it off and I’ve been pretty quiet during a lot of that time. Losing Weight with PCOS: An Update Firstly, apologies for my lack of posting. I won’t go into…

Further PCOS Diet Plan Guidelines

pcos diet plan

In the previous post, we looked at the main components of the Low GI diet. In this post, I offer some further guidelines for a healthy PCOS diet plan. These are not essential to a low GI diet but I would still suggest you try to follow them (for the reasons given). PCOS Diet Plan…

Low GI Diet Plan Guidelines

Low GI Diet Plan

Some of you on Facebook (PCOS Diet and PCOS Matters) have been asking for a few more guidelines on which diet to follow. As I mentioned previously, it’s important to pick something and then stick to it. But my recommendation is that you follow a Low GI diet plan (low Glycemic Index) or Low GL…