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My Top 5 Favorite Low GI Snacks

low gi snacks

I want to start adding some of my favorite recipes to the PCOS Matters blog. “Recipes” is a fairly loose term in this post as these are some of my favorite Low GI snacks. They require little preparation; most of them can be eaten in their raw form. My Top 5 Favorite Low GI Snacks Organic almond…

21 Day Sugar Detox – Beat the Sugar Cravings


You may remember that I did a 30 Day Vegan Detox a few years ago. This worked really well at getting me to give up sugar and caffeine (among other toxins in my diet). However, although I enjoyed the food, I found the Vegan diet too restrictive (I can’t live forever without eggs or a burger). Anyway, I…

Stuck for PCOS Gift Ideas?

PCOS Awareness Bracelet

If you’re stuck for last minute gift ideas for a friend or loved one with PCOS, here are some presents that are specific to helping particular symptoms of PCOS or are designed to help raise awareness. A warning note: just because someone has PCOS does not mean they want aspects of it highlighted in a…

Losing Weight with PCOS: An Update

pcos diet 2013

Many of you have been interested in finding out how my PCOS diet has been going and whether I have been losing weight. It’s been about 18 months since I kicked it off and I’ve been pretty quiet during a lot of that time. Firstly, apologies for my lack of posting. I won’t go into…

What PCOS Supplements Should I Consider Using?

If you are dealing with PCOS, you already know that it can be a devastating diagnosis. The condition carries with it a long list of symptoms that can be hard to handle. One alternative that those with PCOS are exploring is supplementation. Supplements are just what the name implies – an addition to your normal…

Further PCOS Diet Plan Guidelines

pcos diet plan

In the previous post, we looked at the main components of the Low-GI diet. In this post, I offer some further guidelines for a healthy diet. These recommendations are not essential to a low GI diet but I would still suggest you try to follow them (for the reasons given): Avoid processed foods: Processed foods…

Low GI Diet Plan Guidelines

Low GI Diet Plan

Some of you over on Facebook (PCOS Diet and PCOS Matters) have been asking for a few more guidelines on which diet to follow. As I mentioned previously, it’s important to pick something and then stick to it, but my recommendation is that you follow a Low-GI (Glycemic Index) or Low-GL (Glycemic Load) diet plan….

The Problem with the All or Nothing Diet

all or nothing diet

Think about the last time you achieved something momentous in your life; for example, passing an exam, receiving a promotion at work, or hitting a particular goal. How long did it take to get there? Was it instant or did you have to study/work/learn/adapt? As children we instinctively understand that to achieve something we have…

Welcome to 2012 and a Healthier You

2012 pcos diet

Happy New Year and a special welcome to all of you who have committed to making 2012 the year you make changes in your life to help kick your PCOS in the butt! Many of you are asking me what this PCOS diet is, and I thought it would also be useful to tell you…

Are You Ready to Kick Your PCOS in the Butt in 2012?

pcos diet 2013

I’ve been a bit quiet on the PCOS Diet front. Those of you who were following along on the My PCOS Diet Tumblr blog will know that my dad became very sick and I went to live with Mum and Dad for a while to help out. I was there much longer than expected and…